Thursday, 16 September 2010

Grace Kelly: Style Icon

Today i visited the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V & A in London. The exhibition charts her wardrobe from Hollywood starlet, to royal bride, to fairytale princess.

I have been meaning to visit this exhibition since it began a few months ago and i made it with 10 days to go till it ends. It did not fail to impress; i have a fascination with old Hollywood glamour, the 50's and 60's to be specific. The women from that era (Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn my two favorites) possess this je ne sais quoi, especially when it comes to their style.

Being a hopeless romantic i am captivated by Grace Kelly's story; she was the darling of Hollywood. She met Prince Rainier of Monaco by chance when she was visiting France for the Cannes Film Festival, they were married a year later and she became the much loved Princess Grace. She epitomizes "the glamour of Hollywood and the allure of European royalty".

Her clothes were a huge part of her public identity, and in the exhibition one can formulate the changes in her life, through her changes in style. 40 outfits were designed for her in the period leading up to and after her wedding. Her intricate lace wedding dress is the stuff of dreams, though unfortunately not on display. My friend and I oood and aaahd as we went from piece to piece. Some of her clothes are simple and beautifully cut - effortless chic. Others breathtaking in their intricate details. Every piece was striking in its own way and simultaneously womanly, timeless and elegant. I would definitely wear some of those outfits!

She was something special and so is this exhibition. Now i know this is cutting it kind of close BUT if any of you live in London or are visiting in the next 10 days go see it!

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