Monday, 6 February 2012

Excuses, excuses...

I've always loved photography, and I bought my own DSLR. I mostly take pictures when I travel - but I really want to get into the habit of taking pictures when i'm in London as well.

I always make excuses saying i'm too busy or that my camera is too heavy to take out. But enough with the excuses - one of my new years resolutions was to set aside a day or a few hours once a month to take my camera out and take photos. And try and go to places i've never been in London to take them. I feel like it's something pretty achievable and something that I hope will take my photography to the next level. Once a month i'll post here showing the photos that i've taken.

This past Sunday was the first day i'd set aside to do this (i very nearly didn't as again i made an excuse). But lo and behold Saturday night bought the first snow of the London winter - and it was literally calling out to my camera. So armed with my snow boots out i went out to take pictures of the white beauty that was outside my window - and here are the results. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The cutest proposal

A few weeks ago someone showed me this amazing video of this guy proposing to his girlfriend. I'll let it speak for itself - Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Outstanding in the Field

I haven't blogged in a long much has happened, the biggest thing being I started a new job which I love. But what also came with this was a major lack of time - and i stopped finding time for blogging among other things that constituted as "me" time. It's so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life and forget to take moments to just be....

The other day I suddenly decided to look at my blog and read through some of my posts. It made me smile to remember what i'd been thinking all those months ago, and all the wonderful things that i'd found to post on here. So I decided to start blogging again, because it gives me an outlet to put my thoughts down and share wonderful things!

So today i'd like to share this gorgeous project I just read about called 'Outstanding in the Field'.

Their mission is to re-connect diners to the land and origin of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans.

Outstanding in the Field is a culinary adventure - literally a restaurant without walls. Since 1999 they have set the long table at farms or gardens, on mountain tops or in sea caves, on islands or at ranches. Occasionally the table it set indoors: a beautifully refurbished barn, a cool greenhouse or a stately museum.

Wherever the location, the consistent them of each dinner is to honour the people whose good work brings nourishment to the table. Ingredients for the meal are almost all local and generally prepared by a celebrated chef of the region.

 I think this concept is so beautiful! It's so endlessly diverse with the range of chefs, ingredients and places it can happen and is a wonderful way of celebrating different ways of eating. I also love eating outside, so to get to experience dining against these magnificent backdrops is spectacular.

Check out their website:

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Al Fresco

Spring has finally decided to grace London with its presence. In the building where I work they have a verandah outside with a huge dining table where employees can go sit and eat. I had lunch out there this week lapping up the sunshine and remembered how much I adore having the opportunity to eat outside! I don't what it is? I just love it! Maybe I see it as a novelty because I rarely have the opportunity in London. It feels so free and organic. I especially love it at night; one day when I have my own home I would love a beautiful outside terrace with a dining table. There I would feast outside with family and friends and make it look soooo pretty decorating the table with gorgeous candles and flowers and putting lots of twinkle lights in the trees.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Where do I want to be in 5 years?

I have had a zillion interviews lately (ok maybe i'm exaggerating maybe more like 25 but it FEELS like a zillion). After interning for about six months following graduation, I am now on the hunt for a permanent position. I'm not gonna lie, the eagerness and hopefulness I had early on are wearing thin and I'm feeling the pressure more and more every day that goes by and I still don't have a job.

On so many of these interviews they have asked me, "What do I want to be in 5 years?". At the interviews I obviously say something ambitious and career orientated. But if I had to answer that question honestly, no strings attached, the picture says it - I want to be happy in five years. Whilst I'm ambitious about my career, it isn't and I don't want it ever to be what defines me as a person. When I fantasize about what life might be like for me in five years, I dream of being surrounded by a loving healthy family and wonderful friends, having lots of new adventures, and at the same time appreciating the simple things in life, being passionate about whatever I'm doing, feeling inspired and constantly learning and growing. Hopefully, feeling a lot wiser and looking back at me now with a smile. I want to be defined my kind acts, being a good person and a person filled with love (both giving and having it). I will be the first to admit I'm idealistic and a romantic, yep I am, but hey whats the harm in some idealism in this crazy world we live in.

So I may be stressed out of my mind, but today I reminded myself how blessed I am with so many things in my life that give me so much joy and make me extremely fortunate. The job will fall into place sooner or later - I should be grateful that I am one happy girl - and I hope I still will be in 5 years, whatever I'm doing.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


What has happened and is happening in Japan right now is almost too tragic to comprehend. On Friday I watched the events unfold with horror, but at the same time I was unable to tear my eyes away from this powerful act of nature. It made me consider how powerless we humans actually are. In the blink of an eye everything can be swept away and destroyed by something beyond the power of man.

In the worst of times I am always in awe of how people come together to help by any means possible. Whilst most of us cannot physically do anything to help rebuild the parts of Japan that have been devastated, or the lives that have been shattered, there is always a way to contribute something. Give a donation to one of the many websites that are taking them, there is a listing of these websites here. I am a firm believer that every little bit counts, no matter how small or how big. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering in Japan and I pray that they will have the strength to see this catastrophe through and rebuild what they have lost.

One of my favorite Jewish quotes is, "he who saves one life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world". The quote emphasizes the value of each individual human life, by donating to Japan who knows what or how many lives you'll be helping to save.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

La Bella Italia

I have an obsession with all things Italian. The beauty in this country is indescribable, from the landscapes to the architecture, the food to the fashion. I have family there and have been fortunate enough to visit many times to many different places. Here are some of my favorite Italian things:

1. Fashion

This was taken in  Milan. Italians have a thing with bright trousers and they pull it off! Their fashion ranges from stuff like this to classic simplicity, no matter what they are wearing it's effortless.

2. Coffee

Their coffees are creamy cups of perfection. They serve them at the perfect temperature, in perfectly cute little coffee bars, and are just, well, perfect.

3. Baristas

I love this Baristas uniform and how chic their coffee bars are.

4. Architecture

 Milan, Duomo

 Rome, Piazza di Spagna
5. The South

The Southern coast of Italy is hands down one of my favorite place on earth. Picturesque towns built into the mountains overlooking the sparkling water, bright flowers everywhere, cobbled streets, fresh food in quaint little restaurants - its heaven. The picture is of Capri, a stunning island off the coast of Naples.

6. The food

Mamma mia the food! Food in Italy is unparalleled and only people who have never been dispute this. The pasta, the pizza, the salads, they melt in the mouth, literally. Outside of Italy, I have never found Italian food that compares. 

Italy is just wonderful in every sense! Have you ever been there?