Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I am a newly reformed iPhone'er. For 2 years I clung to my old Blackberry adamantly claiming I would never change it. But, lo and behold 6 months later I was the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone (moral of the story never say never). A few weeks ago I met a photographer who told me about an iphone photography app called "Hipstamatic" which I had never heard of. I downloaded it of course, and guys...its FABULOUS.

Now let's give you a little history..."In 1982 Bruce and Winston Dorbowski began producing a DIY camera made entirely of plastic after dropping out of art school. The molds were made by hand and each camera was assembled in the brothers' cabin workspace". This camera was called the Hipstamatic and for various reasons never became mass produced. Now the iPhone app "Hipstamatic" recreates the "look, feel, unpredictable beauty, and fun of plastic toy cameras of the past".

The app offers you a multitude of different lenses, films, frames and cases to work with each adding a different look to each picture. Some are included on download and some you have to buy for about 50p. The possibilities are endless and the effects are beautiful especially in creating "vintage feel" photographs. My grandmother has albums full of gorgeous black and white polaroids and "old" looking photos. I always wished that I could create photgraphs that resembled I can.

10 years ago I would use a disposable camera and I wouldn't know how the photo turned out until I printed it. Now photography has lost some of that unpredictability. This is something you can partly relive with Hipstamatic. Furthermore, it has solved my problem of not always being able to carry a heavy camera around - my phone is always on me, and this app gives me the ability to take pictures of things I see in my every day life easily.

Now the cherry on top! An exhibition recently opened in London displaying the best of people's Hipstamatic photographs. Pictures are uploaded every day onto their facebook page for people to share and comment on. The photos in the exhibition were picked from these. I love that these are everyday normal people who have taken these beautiful photographs. Hipstamatic makes a certain level of artistry available to people who wouldn't have access to it otherwise.

Today I went to see the exhibition. It was in an unassuming place called 'The Orange Dot Gallery' in Euston. It was so unassuming in fact I walked straight past it (but i'm not gonna lie I do that quite alot). The pictures look like polaroids on a clothing line held up by minature pegs. I took photos of the exhibition using Hipstamatic myself...oh the irony!

What struck me was the quality of the photos, along with the range of colours, effects and subjects. Many of them could have been taken by a professional photographer. It is a wonderfully innovative exhibition! Due to its resounding success the exhibition has been extended to 13th February giving you all time to go see it! Here are a few of my favorite pics on display just to give you a little taste...

Here is my favorite picture that I have taken so far with Hipstamatic (not in the exhibition ;) of a broken leaf. I hope to make my Hipstamatic photos a regular feature of my blog.

Let me know what you think. Would love to see some of your shots?

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