Saturday, 2 April 2011

Al Fresco

Spring has finally decided to grace London with its presence. In the building where I work they have a verandah outside with a huge dining table where employees can go sit and eat. I had lunch out there this week lapping up the sunshine and remembered how much I adore having the opportunity to eat outside! I don't what it is? I just love it! Maybe I see it as a novelty because I rarely have the opportunity in London. It feels so free and organic. I especially love it at night; one day when I have my own home I would love a beautiful outside terrace with a dining table. There I would feast outside with family and friends and make it look soooo pretty decorating the table with gorgeous candles and flowers and putting lots of twinkle lights in the trees.


  1. oh i love these! we have a big front courtyard with some trees, a fire pit and strings of lights above. the one thing we need now is a table for having dinner parties! then it'll be perfect.

  2. I just adore eating outside! We probably have one week left of eating outside weather before it's over for another season *sigh.
    wonderful pictures too!