Sunday, 13 March 2011

La Bella Italia

I have an obsession with all things Italian. The beauty in this country is indescribable, from the landscapes to the architecture, the food to the fashion. I have family there and have been fortunate enough to visit many times to many different places. Here are some of my favorite Italian things:

1. Fashion

This was taken in  Milan. Italians have a thing with bright trousers and they pull it off! Their fashion ranges from stuff like this to classic simplicity, no matter what they are wearing it's effortless.

2. Coffee

Their coffees are creamy cups of perfection. They serve them at the perfect temperature, in perfectly cute little coffee bars, and are just, well, perfect.

3. Baristas

I love this Baristas uniform and how chic their coffee bars are.

4. Architecture

 Milan, Duomo

 Rome, Piazza di Spagna
5. The South

The Southern coast of Italy is hands down one of my favorite place on earth. Picturesque towns built into the mountains overlooking the sparkling water, bright flowers everywhere, cobbled streets, fresh food in quaint little restaurants - its heaven. The picture is of Capri, a stunning island off the coast of Naples.

6. The food

Mamma mia the food! Food in Italy is unparalleled and only people who have never been dispute this. The pasta, the pizza, the salads, they melt in the mouth, literally. Outside of Italy, I have never found Italian food that compares. 

Italy is just wonderful in every sense! Have you ever been there?

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  1. i have always wanted to go to italy, and after this post, i want to go even more!